How to Chase a Swarm of Bees to Become a Beekeeper

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How to chase of swarm of bees so you can become a beekeeper.  That’s coming up on This Land Ours.


In order to chase bee hives, you will need a bee suit, shop vac or bee vacuum, bee box, frames and sugar water in a spray bottle. Then, get the word out that if someone comes across a swarm of bees not to spray them with pesticides. Instead, ask them to call you to remove the swarm.

If they are on the ground, spray them with sugar water so they’ll become very still and you can knock them into the bee box and onto the frames. You can use your optional bee vacuum to make sure you suck up all of the bees.


If they are not on the ground, you can use a bucket with a telescopic pole. Squirt the bucket with sugar water. Then run the bucket up to where the bees are and shake it to where the bees fall into the bucket. Once you get the bees into the bucket you can leave them in there or shake them into a bee box.

The most important part of this is making sure that you get the queen. If you do, then your bees should bounce back and thrive quite easily. If by chance you don’t get the queen, be sure to replace her as soon as possible.

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How to Chase a Swarm of Bees to Become a Beekeeper