Legislation Seeks to Remove Red Tape Surrounding Farm Vehicles

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Senate lawmakers Tuesday introduced the Covered Farm Vehicle Modernization Act. The legislation expands and modernizes the exemptions for Covered Farm Vehicles to reflect the variety of vehicles commonly used by today’s farmers and ranchers.

The bill adjusts exemption thresholds and removes the extra regulatory red tape regarding Department of Transportation registration and fuel tax licensing requirements that have little to do with vehicle safety, according to lawmakers.


Senate Republican Roger Marshall of Kansas introduced the bill with Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff. Marshall says the legislation “ultimately allows folks to legally pull a gooseneck trailer with their pickup truck without jumping through hoops to obtain a for-hire commercial driving license.”

The bill expands exemptions for Covered Farm Vehicles to allow farm vehicles with a gross vehicle weight or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating under 36,001 pounds to travel across state lines with the same exemptions currently granted to farm vehicles under 26,001 pounds.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)