Preparing for 2022 Florida Legislative Session

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While Florida lawmakers are preparing for next month’s special session called by Governor Ron DeSantis to push back against White House attempts to require workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, they also are looking ahead to the 2022 Florida Legislative Session. Next year’s session kicks off on January 11, and according to the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Florida’s budget projections for the next fiscal year continue to be “in really good shape”.

According to a story from the News Service of Florida, chairman Jay Trumbull recently made a presentation to committee members. He said state general revenue projects are forecast to be above pre-pandemic levels and grow at four percent annually for the next three years. The Republican lawmaker also said the House has no interest in creating new government programs or expanding current ones, including Medicaid.

Trumbull says nearly 23 percent of all Floridians are expected to be enrolled in Medicaid this year.

Preparing for 2022 Florida Legislative Session

“The reality is, and we have talked about it a lot, we have to make sure that we are spending well within our means, that we are keeping sizable balances, and that we are making sure we have sufficient rainy-day funds.”

Medicaid enrollment has increased by more than 500 thousand cases over the past year, to a total of more than five million.

In addition to Medicaid, the other largest budget costs are K-12 public schools and the higher education system.

Lawmakers are currently holding early meetings to work on budget issues in advance of the 2022 session.