Common Mistakes to Avoid When Raising Sheep

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Some common mistakes to avoid when raising sheep. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

raising sheep

When it comes to raising sheep – or any kind of livestock, for that matter – knowledge is power. There are some common mistakes you can make while raising sheep. Such as choosing the wrong breed. Think carefully about your reasons for raising sheep along with the unique characteristics of the breed you ultimately select.

Another mistake is underestimating how much space is needed. Do your best to give your sheep as much room as possible. The basic recommendation is 16-square-feet per ewe with lambing pens at around 25-square-feet. Rams need at least 30-square-feet.


Poor fencing is another common mistake. It needs to be tall enough that sheep can’t jump over it – and also not contain holes that are large enough for your animals to stick their heads through.

Not building any shelter is another common mistake. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just something that will keep them sheltered and shaded.

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