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Vilsack: No Plans to Take Land to Meet Climate Goals

Clint Thompson General

tom vilsack
Tom Vilsack

We told you last week that the Biden Administration’s goal to conserve at least 30% of U.S. land and water by 2030, commonly known as “30X30,” was raising a few questions. As a matter of fact, there have been rumors they are planning to take land away from people and discourage consumers from eating beef to help fight climate change. Here is Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Vilsack denies there are any plans to take farmers’ lands away to meet climate or emissions goals and he wants to set the record straight.

According to the National Association of Farm Broadcasters, the rumor seems to have started thanks to a University of Michigan study on beef. The study says cutting the intake of all animal-based foods by 50% and replacing that with equivalent quantities of plant-based food would decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 35%.

Vilsack said, “There’s no policy paper in the administration suggesting that people eat less meat.”