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Growing Matters: BeSure About Applications by Following Labels

Taylor Hillman Growing Matters, News from Our Sponsors

growing matters

The Growing Matters Coalition is kicking off its 2021 BeSure campaign that reinforces practical stewardship practices. “(The campaign) is to remind growers and applicators of some simple steps that they can take to ensure pesticides don’t harm pollinators and other wildlife,” Valent USA Sustainability & Stewardship Manager Leslie Garcia said.

One of the ways the industry can achieve this is by remembering to check the labels on their products. “We have a fun little rule here in our industry. The four corners of that label are the law,” Garcia said. Labels also can change year to year. Garcia noted it’s important to check that information before using a newly purchased product. “We like to change up the labels, keep them fresh and updated. As you get new inventory, make sure you are re-reading that label,” she said.

Listen to Garcia’s full interview.

This was a message from the BeSure campaign brought to you by the Growing Matters Coalition, an initiative reminding farmers and applicators to follow stewardship best practices to protect pollinators and other wildlife. Visit for more information.