Growing Matters Launches 2021 BeSure! Stewardship Campaign

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growing matters

An agriculture industry collaboration, led by Growing Matters, wants everyone to be BeSure! when using neonicotinoid products on farms and urban landscapes. They are kicking off the third annual stewardship awareness campaign to promote best management practices.

The BeSure! Campaign is reminding farmers, crop protection applicators, agricultural supply retailers, and others to ensure label directions and responsible stewardship measures are followed for neonicotinoid products, minimizing any potential impact on pollinators and other wildlife.


The campaign targets major crops like corn and soybeans but also focuses on fruits, nuts, vegetables, turf, trees, and ornamental plants that are treated with these products, with a special focus on the citrus industry.

The campaign directs farmers, applicators, and others to On this website, you will find up-to-date stewardship tips and updated information over the course of various planting seasons through July.