Fertilizer Prices Up Dramatically

Clint Thompson General

Fertilizer prices are up dramatically this spring, increasing input costs for growers. Data from the Department of Agriculture shows prices are up between 17% and 57% since the fall.

David Widmar of Agricultural Economics Insights says that while nitrogen often gets the most attention, phosphorus prices are up the most. Anhydrous ammonia and urea are up 37% from the fall, but there are considerably smaller increases over Spring 2020.

Meanwhile, liquid nitrogen prices are only up 9% over last year but 20% higher than last fall.

The increase in fertilizer prices means fertilizer expenses are up $29 per acre compared to last spring or 30% higher. However, Widmar notes the increases follow a strong downturn from a year ago, adding prices are up from historic lows and, for the most part, remain well below the levels of 2011-2014. The exception, however, is phosphorus fertilizer, up 51% compared to last fall.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)