The Right Companion Animals to Raise with Sheep

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The right companion  to raise with your sheep. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Border Leicester Sheep

There are several good reasons to keep companion animals with sheep. For one, sheep are social animals. They should never be kept singly, which is why most people keep them in flocks. Sheep kept with other animals are more friendly, calmer, and easier to manage. Plus, there are lots of benefits associated with multi-species grazing, a process that improves land management by grazing different species within the same area. One of these benefits is parasite prevention.

Donkeys are often raised with sheep as livestock guardian animals. Poultry, such as Chickens, Guineas, and Ducks are often raised with sheep. Horses, Llamas, and goats are great animal companions with sheep because their care requirements are similar.

Dogs make great companions for sheep and as long as they are introduced and trained when they are puppies, they will not harm your sheep. They can be somewhat standoffish toward people but will do an excellent job keeping your sheep and lambs company and protecting them from any predators that wander by.

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The Right Companion Animals to Raise with Sheep

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