Provysol® Fungicide: The Missing Piece of Your Disease Control Puzzle

Josh McGill General, Sponsored Content

Complete Your Disease Control Strategy With Provysol® Fungicide

Provysol fungicide is bringing new life into the FRAC 3 fungicide group. Its active ingredient, Revysol® fungicide, is the first and only isopropanol azole in peanuts. The unique properties of Provysol fungicide are changing the game for peanut growers who need a solution that delivers a new level of efficacy and simplicity while withstanding the environmental and regulatory challenges of the 21st century.

With more effective and longer lasting disease control, Provysol fungicide is the optimal choice to control leaf spot, while also providing suppression of white mold and rhizoctonia in peanuts. Because it’s formulated to quickly penetrate leaves and then form reservoirs to meter out the active ingredient, Provysol fungicide is able to deliver both fast-acting disease control and longer-lasting residual protection. The unique molecular structure allows Provysol fungicide to bend and flex and bind tightly to the fungal receptor, which makes it possible to defend your crops against diseases that have developed resistance or  reduced sensitivity to other chemistries.

But Provysol fungicide doesn’t just fight against leaf spot in this year’s crop. It’s also an essential piece of your farm’s long-term resistance management strategy. Proper stewardship involves using multiple MOAs in rotation or as tank mixtures and using them at appropriate retreatment intervals. The FRAC Group 7 and 11 fungicides you’re relying on today are working well for the most part, but they’re  facing increased pressure due to widespread use, which could result in resistance management challenges if we don’t protect them.

That’s where Provysol fungicide comes in. As the newest innovation in the FRAC 3 fungicide group, it strengthens your season-long disease control program by relieving the burden on FRAC 7 and 11 fungicides. It allows growers and agronomists to practice sound resistance management without compromising performance on key diseases like leaf spot. Provysol fungicide is an ideal rotational partner for Priaxor® fungicide, as part of your season-long disease control and Plant Health strategy. It’s the missing piece you need to finish off disease—not just today but for years to come. Complete your long-term disease control strategy with Provysol fungicide.

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