Weed-Control Strategies for Florida Groves

Dan Citrus, Education, Research

Matchweed is one of many weeds that can occur in Florida citrus.

Weed management is a key component of Florida’s citrus production. A warm, humid climate and frequent rainfall provide a favorable environment for weed emergence and growth in citrus groves.

Steve Futch, a former multi-county citrus Extension agent for the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, delivered a presentation during the 2021 virtual Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference. He discussed the best chemical weed-control strategies for Florida citrus growers.

Chemical weed-control programs vary from location to location within the state and can even vary within a given site based on specific conditions such as soil type, variety, method of herbicide application, and the presence of specific weed species.


Herbicides used in a grove are generally divided into two groups: 1) soil-applied preemergence herbicides that should be applied to fairly clean soil surfaces prior to weed emergence and 2) foliar-applied postemergence herbicides that are applied after germination of weed seed.

According to Futch, preemergence herbicides are …..

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