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New Louisiana Citrus Research Facility

Dan Citrus, Research

citrus research
LSU AgCenter researcher Jeb Fields left, and Chris Haines, an Arlene and Joseph Meraux Charitable Foundation board member, discusses the new Center for Louisiana Citrus Innovation and Research.
(Photo by Rick Bogren/LSU AgCenter)

The Arlene and Joseph Meraux Charitable Foundation have constructed a citrus research facility at Docville Farm in partnership with the Louisiana State University (LSU) AgCenter. The new facility, called the Center for Louisiana Citrus Innovation and Research, is in Violet, Louisiana.

“This facility will be utilized to support Louisiana citrus growers as well as promote citrus and other specialty crops to the general public and youth,” says Jeb Fields, LSU AgCenter assistant professor and Extension specialist. “The facility has just been constructed and we are putting the final touches on peripherals in the coming weeks. The research within has not started, but initial projects are planned to begin this spring. My initial research involves container production of citrus fruit, specifically those with economic viability in Louisiana. We are identifying opportunities Louisiana growers can adopt for container production practices in an economically sound manner.”

Fields says this is just the beginning. “We have received funding for containerized citrus projects from the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry that we plan to begin this year. Moreover, this facility will be utilized heavily in subsequent research projects stemming from the Soilless Substrate Science project.”

Other major projects are planned at the center, including …..

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