Management Advice for Aquatic Weeds

Dan Citrus, Research

Photo by Mark Mauldin

Nearly every Florida citrus grower will sooner or later experience aquatic weed control problems.

Aquatic plants are necessary for maintaining the balance of nature and offering food, protection, oxygen and shelter to aquatic species. However, maintaining a balance in the aquatic system while sustaining crop success and avoiding loss of income can be a challenge.

Excessive aquatic weed growth can lower drainage rates following heavy rains, resulting in severe root pruning, increased disease rates and leaf and fruit drop. Therefore, growers must manage these weeds.

Brent Sellers is a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) agronomy professor and center director at the Range Cattle Research and Education Center in Ona. He shared both chemical and non-chemical management tactics for aquatic and semi-aquatic weeds with citrus growers during a recent webinar hosted by the UF/IFAS Citrus Research and Education Center.

Using chemical controls to …..

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