Special Considerations When Raising Yorkshire Pigs

Dan Pork, This Land of Ours

Some special considerations to be aware of when raising Yorkshire pigs. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

special considerations
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One thing about Yorkshire pigs, they look white or practically translucent which can be somewhat problematic in the heat of summer. Make sure to give them plenty of room to wallow in the mud. Mud is like sunscreen and will help prevent them from getting sunburned.

Ironically, even though Yorkshire pigs are often chosen for their hardiness in confinement settings, they do grow best with a little more space. So do your best to give them as much space as possible.


Unfortunately, Yorkshire pigs take a bit longer to reach full market weight than pigs of other breeds. In some cases up to 10 months. Depending on what you feed your piglets, this may make your litters more expensive to raise. On the flip side, though, because Yorkshire pigs produce less fat, there’s less waste at slaughter time.

Due to their large size, Yorkshire pigs can suffer from various diseases, as can all pigs. They occasionally suffer from pneumonia, parasite infections, and bronchial issues, so you will have to take specific preventive measures to prevent these issues.

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Special Considerations When Raising Yorkshire Pigs