Hatching Peafowl Eggs and Brooding Peachicks

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What you need to know about hatching Peafowl eggs and brooding Peachicks. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Peacock Eggs
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You can buy peafowl eggs and hatch them yourself. If you decide to hatch your own peafowl eggs, normally, the process will take up to 30 days.

Peachicks mature quickly, as they hatch fully feathered. They can fly within a week! The one main difference between breeding peafowl and breeding birds of other species is in the timing of the breeding season. It usually starts in March and ends in August.


You can buy peafowl from many online hatcheries. Usually, you’ll start in the spring or summer, particularly if you are raising them as chicks. They have a harder time surviving a harsh winter.  Peachicks can be purchased from breeders, hatcheries, farmers, and other places online. The chicks are expensive but tend to be good quality if you buy them from hatcheries or breeders. If you are looking for specific genetics, breeders might be the best place to look. 

No matter where you buy your peafowl, just make sure you get a healthy bird. Ask your hatchery or breeder questions and make sure your bird has clean eyes, feathers, feet, and nostrils.

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Hatching Peafowl Eggs and Brooding Peachicks