How to Get Started with Raising Peafowl

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How to get started with raising Peafowl. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

raising peafowl
Image by Mahnoor Qadri from Pixabay

Peafowls are not picky eaters. Like chickens, they will eat just about anything. You should feed chicks a medicated starter during the first 6 months, ideally mixed with a gamebird starter. A starter feed should contain about 20-24% protein. They may also need grit if they eat foods besides the starter. Make sure your peafowl have access to clean, cool water at all times. They are easily dehydrated. 

Housing your peafowl will depend primarily on their age and how you intend to use them. If you want to breed peafowl, you’ll need to give your birds more space as the males produce a long tail train and need to be exercised. All peafowl enclosures should have some sort of roof. These birds are good at flying and predators can easily enter if you aren’t careful. Peafowls do not need nesting boxes, but they do need nesting areas. They nest on the ground so you can build them some nests with straw on the floor. Do not place them up high! 


The more space you can provide for your peafowl, the better. Males have been known to fight if they are kept in close quarters. Shoot for more than 100-square feet per adult bird.

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How to Get Started with Raising Peafowl