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Thank a Farmer This Labor Day

Clint Thompson General

Be sure to thank a farmer this Labor Day.

Labor Day is s a day to celebrate the achievements of the millions of men and women who keep America running. And the National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) is asking that this year, we don’t forget to thank a farmer.

According to NCIS, approximately 2.6 million Americans work directly on a farm. Nearly 20 million more work in food and other agricultural-related industries. And despite the immense challenges that they have been presented with this year, America’s farmers and ranchers have continued to work every day in order to provide America with the most affordable, abundant and safest food supply in the world. American agriculture keeps our grocery store shelves stocked, even in the midst of crisis, and supports our rural economies.

Crop insurance policies protect 380 million acres of land, or more than 90% of insurable farmland and is there when disaster strikes to quickly lend a helping hand and ensure that farmers can plant again another year. NCIS is proud that America’s farmers invest their own money into sustainable risk management tools by purchasing crop insurance, and are grateful for the continued bipartisan support from Congress for a strong Federal crop insurance program. Noting they will always work to ensure crop insurance remains affordable, widely available and economically viable. It’s a critical component of the farm safety net that protects our farmers and ranchers as they do what they do best: work hard to feed the world.

So NCIS asks that you give a moment of appreciation for our farmers and ranchers.