NAFB Releases Farmer Survey Results Regarding COVID-19

Clint Thompson Alabama, Florida, General, Georgia

The National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) recently conducted a non-scientific email survey of farmers and ranchers regarding COVID-19 and its ramifications on their livelihoods and farm-radio listening habits.

“In these unprecedented times, NAFB knows its farm-broadcaster members are working harder than ever to bring unbiased and honest reports to their listeners across the country,” said Tom Brand, NAFB executive director. “This survey shows that farmers and ranchers are listening to farm radio during the pandemic for timely, accurate news.”

Farmers and ranchers are listening to farm radio during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NAFB received more than 220 responses, with 186 completed surveys by participants.

Survey respondents were asked how many days per week they currently listen to farm radio for news, weather, market reports and ag information. A robust 75.1% replied they listen five or more days per week.

When asked about their current interest in learning about new or existing agricultural products important to their operations during the pandemic, 71.2% of respondents said their interest level was “extremely important” or “important.”

Regarding opinions on farm broadcaster delivering farm news, weather, markets, and ag information, respondents ranked their local farm broadcasters on a 1 to 10 scale (1 being “very poor” and 10 being “excellent”); results included: provides timely information — 8.7, provides accurate information — 8.8, and is credible — 8.8.

And to summarize the current pandemic, NAFB asked respondents how long they believe COVID-19 will impact agriculture. More than 27% responded with 12-18 months while 23.6% responded with multiple years.

“We’ve known for a long time that farm radio plays an important role in the lives of farmers and ranchers, and that is reflected in these survey results from during the current COVID-19 pandemic,” Brand added. “NAFB is proud to help promote the importance and credibility of its farm-broadcaster members nationwide. These findings show that — even in times of numerous unknowns in agriculture — farmers and ranchers want to hear about new farming technologies and they rely on their local farm broadcasters for market reports and more.”