Dealing with Chickens When They Get Bored

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Cathy Isom gives you some tips. for each stage of life of your chickens, about how to deal with chickens when they get bored. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. 

Dealing with Chickens When They Get Bored

Chicken boredom is a real thing and will start pretty much as soon as a chick hatches. If you have young chicks in a brooder or you don’t allow your birds to free-range, your chickens are pretty likely going to take their restlessness out on each other.

One creative way to keep your chicks entertained is to move a few clumps of grass and dirt into the brooder. Your chicks will curiously peck at the green grass and scratch around in the dirt. Another way to add some excitement to the brooder is by bringing in some sticks to set up as little roosts for your chicks. Gather sticks about the size of your smallest finger so that your chicks will be able to firmly perch on the roost with their little feet. Scattered herbs and live bugs work well, too.

By the time your birds have reached the angsty teenage stage, they’re probably more restless than usual and prove to act out as bored chickens. You might want to try such things as chicken swings, refillable treat balls, or letting them go to town on fresh fruits and veggies, such as a head of lettuce.

Chickens can be picky with what they’re willing to amuse themselves with, so if one method doesn’t interest them, you can always try something else.

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