All-natural Methods for Controlling Unwanted Slimy Critters

Clint Thompson General

Giant African Land Snails (picture from FDACS)

Believe it or not, there are natural ways to get rid of some unwanted and slimy critters. Cathy Isom has more details.

If you’ve ever encountered snails in your garden you know they can wreak havoc by chewing through the leaves on your plants. Snails and slugs can even consume an entire plant in one night. There are a few all-natural methods for controlling these critters in the garden. And you won’t have to waste your money on expensive chemicals. While chemicals might work, they’re damaging to your plants and animals in the area. Some of the natural methods include: Introducing predators to scare off snails and slugs. For example, garter snakes. They love to eat garden snails as well as other common garden pests. Another all-natural method is diatomaceous earth. This is a natural powder that has microscopic sharp edges, piercing the bodies of the snails. Here’s an interesting one… set out a beer pan. Fill a shallow pan with beer and leave it out overnight. Snails find the scent of beer attractive and can’t help but to visit and then drown. Snails are also attracted to a hollowed out Grapefruit. Just slice the fruit in half and eat the inside and place the emptied grapefruit halves near affected plants. Snails will also avoid your garden if you have scattered eggshells that have been cleaned, dried, and scattered into small pieces around the soil. Adding a little mint to the soil, or planting Rosemary or Thyme Bushes will also make it an unappealing place for snails to call home. Using all-natural methods for controlling snails in the garden can be as effective or better than chemicals.