Fire Prevention Tips for Your Chicken Coop

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fire prevention
fire prevention

Whether you are a poultry/egg farmer, or just have a small backyard chicken coop, fire can be a devastating thing. Cathy Isom continues her tips on fire prevention by giving you a few fire prevention tips for your chicken coop. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Fire Prevention Tips for Your Chicken Coop

Hopefully you and your farm will never have to deal with a horrifying event such as a fire. Fire prevention such as installing fire safety shutter systems can help you be prepared.

Some common fire hazards for the chicken coop include heated lamps.  Chickens can get rowdy and knock lamps down, clamps can come loose, and lamps can be placed too close to flammable objects. Because hens don’t typically require heat in the winter months it may be best to explore safer heating options or placing lights on a timer.

The unsafe use of extension cords can also be very dangerous. Overloading a cord or leaving cords exposed to the elements especially at connection points is a recipe for disaster. Always make sure the cord you are using is properly suited for the job and environment that your cords are in.


Straw and pine shavings are both excellent bedding options but they are also highly flammable. One alternative is sand. It’s not flammable, drains well and is fairly inexpensive. Get more fire prevention measures from the fireproofing companies near me.

Further, if you’re a property owner in Florida and your house’s or current space’s fire alarm system and/or water-based fire protection system such as a sprinkler system is inoperational, you are required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Florida Statute to implement a fire watch should that system become impaired. You may seek expert help from professional Fire Watch Services in Davie.

Heated waterers are excellent tools during the winter, however, any time when electricity is a factor, it can be a fire hazard.  You may find that rubber buckets work well for fire prevention as they have zero fire risk. 3-gallon shallow rubber pans can be found at many feed stores and the ice can be stomped out easily.

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