It’s Watermelon Time in North Florida!

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Butch Brady (Enza Zaden), Myles Langford (the farmer), Craig Mathis (Seedway), and Rod Jorgensen (Enza Zaden)
Justin Lanier
Enza Zaden Southeast U.S. Sales Rep
cuts open a fresh watermelon for a look and a taste.

The watermelon harvest is now getting into full swing in the north central Florida region. Visiting a field plot trial with the Enza Zaden seeds team this week, I had the opportunity to meet one of our Southeast AgNet radio listeners at his farm in Trenton, Florida, as the harvest crew was doing the first crown cut of one of his fields.

So we wanted to give a shout out to Florida farmer Miles Langford in the Trenton area, who listens to Southeast AgNet daily on affiliate station “The Gator”, WRUF-FM 103.7 in Gainesville, Florida.

There’s nothing like eating the heart of a fresh watermelon seconds after it’s cut from the field, and all of those we tried from the Enza Zaden field trials were delicious!

Then again, I don’t ever recall eating a bite of watermelon I didn’t like!


Gary Cooper is the founder and president of AgNet Media, Inc., based in Gainesville, Florida.