Charming Chicken with Big Personality

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charmingCathy Isom continues her series on chickens by telling us a bit about the charming chickens with a big personality known for producing blue eggs. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Charming Chicken with Big Personality

Cream Legbar chickens are charming small birds with a big personality and several funny little quirks. They sport a fabulous crest on their heads and are known to produce blue eggs.

Cream Legbar chickens is a breed nearly 100 years old from Britain and fairly new to the United States. They are fairly small, active and have tight and close fitting feathers, making them appear smaller at first glance. They’re not the friendliest birds you will ever meet and are rather quick and wary of potential harmful things. This makes them a wonderful bird for free ranging, as they are very active and alert foragers.

Since they have Leghorn genes, Cream Legbar chickens are known to average up to 200 eggs per year. As far as autosexing, one can distinguish females and male by the color of their down upon them hatching and drying off. Female chicks will have a very dark and distinct stripe down their back that makes them look a bit like a chipmunk.

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