Royalty of the Poultry World

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royaltyCathy Isom tells us about the breed of chickens known as the Royalty of the Poultry World. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Royalty of the Poultry World

Polish chickens are some of the most interesting looking, yet comical birds, that will ever grace your flock. It could be the colorful crowns on their heads, or the way they confusedly strut around looking at their surroundings. These birds are often raised by poultry fanciers looking for a good show bird. But they do have other positive attributes that might be perfect fit for your flock.

Polish chickens are rather small birds, with standard adults weighing in at about 5 pounds for females and 6 and a half pounds for males. Not exactly a bird for meat production. Their eggs are also a bit smaller than ideal, but still a decent size. However, these small birds are great for children starting out handling birds. They have very calm and docile temperaments. And, they love to be snuggled and petted.

Back in the 1800s, Polish chickens were widely used for egg production in North America. This changed the moment the Leghorn set foot in U.S. territory. Polish chickens have evolved to become the royalty of the poultry exhibition world and the remarkable pets we know them as today.

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