Agri View: Agriculture Feeling the Pain

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painEverett Griner talks about agriculture feeling the pain from the trade war in today’s Agri View.

Agriculture Feeling the Pain

The trade war situation keeps heating up. It isn’t just China. Mexico and Canada are becoming involved. It’s not just agriculture. But so far, agriculture seems to be in the most danger.

Mexico imports more U.S. pork than China. Listen carefully. In 2017, over 800,000 tons of American pork went to Mexico. I wonder how many hogs that would be? They haven’t stopped buying. They simply increased the tariff.

That is the way it is with all of these countries, and agriculture and farm products seem to be hit first and hardest. I suppose other industries are caught in this trap, too, but agriculture seems to be the chief target.

China’s efforts will take half a billion dollars from California alone. It will take a long time to make that up.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…