Biodiesel Stakeholders Unite Over RFS Concerns

Dan Energy, Industry News Release

The National Biodiesel Board joined the American Soybean Association and the National Renderers Association in urging President Trump to keep his promises to rural voters.

biodieselKurt Kovarik, NBB vice president of federal affairs, says recent actions by the Environmental Protection Agency have undermined the president’s commitment to support consumer access to domestic renewable fuels, as well keeping the Renewable Fuels Standard strong. “The EPA’s decisions to give large, profitable refiners free passes are hurting biodiesel producers, renderers, and farmers,” says Kovarik. “If the president is serious about keeping his promises, he needs to pay attention.”

The three organizations sent a letter to the administration, thanking the president for his support, while also expressing concern about the seemingly inconsistent messages coming out of the administration. The letter goes on to say, “Contrary to your steadfast support, the EPA has undermined the RFS through recent actions granting so-called “hardship” exemptions designed for small refiners. The actions taken by the EPA undermine the integrity of the RFS and stand in direct contrast to your pledge of support.”

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.