Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

Dan General

Christmas treeCathy Isom has some tips, and tell us why finding the perfect Christmas tree might be the adventure of the season this year. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

Tis the season where selling Christmas trees this year is matter of supply and demand.  And, this year demand and enthusiasm for real trees is high. Supply? Not so much.So it may be a little tough for those who haven’t yet gone tree shopping will be able to find something that suits them with a little planning, research and measuring Christmas treecompromise. Trees will no doubt be more expensive than last year. There will be fewer to choose from. And, if you wait to late, you might not get the perfectly cut or formed tree.  The kind with perfectly soft or prickly needles. One that’s fresh, fragrant, flocked or hazard free. And one that will be perfect for the lights and ornaments. Today, the U.S. is home to close to 15,000 Christmas tree farms. States that produce the most are Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington.

Last year, more than 27 million Christmas trees were sold, according to the National Chrsitmas Tree Association. The most popular varieties were Noble and Fraser firs, and consumers reported spending an average of $75 for a tree. It will all depend on the size of tree and the type of tree that you want, but you could be paying upwards of $300.

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