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censusFarmers across the Southeast and across the country will soon be receiving forms for the 2017 Census of Agriculture from USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS). Jim Ewing, southern region director for NASS, says this is a big survey.

“The Census of Agriculture. We are getting ready to mail that this December,” said Ewing. He further explains that “every farmer and rancher in the United States is going to get a census form. It is particularly important for us in the Southeast. Every farmer and rancher we see and know is going to get one of those forms in the mail.”

And, Ewing encourages producers to go ahead and fill it out when it arrives.

“And this year, too, we have a really good online data collection instrument. So we are trying to encourage people to go online, fill it out. That is going to save us tax dollars in terms of mail. It is going to save us tax dollars in terms of getting somebody to enter in that data. But regardless,” Ewing added, “we just need those reports. So, when you get it in the mail, please fill it out and send it back in. We just appreciate you all doing it.”

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