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More Than Bluster to President Trump’s Threats to Pull Out of NAFTA

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

blusterA former USDA trade chief argues there’s more than bluster to President Trump’s threats to pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Paul Drazek was the trade adviser to USDA Secretary Dan Glickman in the Bill Clinton Administration. Drazek says he feels recent threats by President Trump to pull out of NAFTA, key for U.S. agriculture, are real.

Drazek insists that calculation could be wrong, pointing to one official’s comment this week that some are trying to scare agriculture with predictions Mexico will go elsewhere for its ag imports.

Drazek says if the U.S. pulls out of NAFTA and Mexico turns to other countries for its agriculture needs, it will have a huge impact on U.S. agriculture, and especially on commodity prices.