Rosemary Health Benefits

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health benefitsCathy Isom tells you why there is about a dozen reasons why you’ll want to grow your own Rosemary. That’s coming up on  This Land of Ours.

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The beautiful herb, Rosemary,  is a member of the mint family and known for its wonderful pine-like fragrance.  It’s also a staple in kitchens and used in many culinary creations.
health benefits
Rosemary’s many health benefits may have you wanting to grow your very own.  Rosemary is said to be a memory and concentration booster. Great for immune system support; de-stressor and digestive aid. It is said to ease asthma and allergies. The eucalyptol compound in Rosemary makes it a great cough suppressant. Because rosemary oil increases blood circulation, it can be used to treat hair loss and irritating dandruff, too. Got a headache or migraine? Either apply oil topically, or sip on rosemary tea when pain strikes. Rosemary can also soothe irritated skin.

It is also used as a natural air freshener.

Growing your own Rosemary is fairly easy. Best outdoors. And it thrives in warm and humid climates.

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