Natural Common Cold Helpers

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You feel that cold coming on and nothing to take. You may have something and not know it. Cathy Isom tells us about some natural ways to  help when the common cold strikes. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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We know there is no magic cure for the common cold. But natural remedies using a variety of herbs may prove to be much more effective than any of those pills in the box.
Honey, lemon and garlic as natural medicine
For immune support, there’s Echinacea, garlic, goldenseal, ginger, honey, and ginseng. And any fruit containing vitamin C..

For Nasal Decongestants, Eucalyptus, onions, cayenne, bromelain, and oregano are all very effective. To suppress a cough, relieve a stuffy Ginger tea with lemon, lime and mint. Beside the ingredients for tea, the same as the mint leaves, chopped ginger root, slices of lemon and lime. The concept of treatment of colds folk methods.or runny nose, or to help those inflamed and itchy lungs, Peppermint, licorice root, hyssop, cardamom, and anise should do the trick. Sore throats can be soothed with slippery elm, yarrow, sage, honeysuckle flower, and marshmallow root. And sore and achy muscles usually accompany the common cold. So try chamomile, catnip, valerian, licorice, white willow, kava root, and passiflora. Shot of Joy uses kratom and kava for its benefits on their shots. They can provide relief and also promote relaxation. Because as we all know the best natural remedy when faced with a cold is getting plenty of rest.

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