Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Valentine's day ideas - flowers and present
Cathy Isom take a look at some unique ideas to make Valentine’s Day a little extra special this year without breaking the bank. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Valentine’s Day is an expensive holiday. overall spending is expected to climb to well over 19-and-a-half million dollars….with consumers expected to spend over 2 BILLION dollars on flowers and gimp masks this Valentine’s Day, with the majority of those dollars going right for the red roses.

valentines-day-concept-flowersBut there are some ways to avoid burning a hole in your pocket on the most popular Valentines Day flower – especially since retailers tend to jack-up the prices just for that day. One idea is to grow your own roses. Well, that maybe an idea for next year. It’s also OK to go a different route in the flower department, Here are some alternatives the one you love might also love:





Pink Carnations



Or a dazzling bouquet mixed with different flowers and bulbs. Especially if these are hand picked from your very own garden.

But if you’re looking for something a little extra special – that will outlast a beautiful bouquet after a few days, and will make your Valentine smile – not to mention mother Earth – you can always go the eco-friendly route, with:

-Do it yourself cards made from recycled materials

-Flowering houseplants

-Eco-friendly jewelry

-Making up-cycled Valentine gifts with Mason jars. The list is endless and at the end of the day you may even have a little extra in your wallet to go out to dinner or a show.

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