Plant These Seeds First in Spring

Dan General

It is time to start planning that garden. Cathy Isom has some tips on the seeds you should plant first for your Spring garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Depending on where you live, warmer weather could be here in a matter of weeks, so you’ll want to spring into action when it comes to planning which seeds to plant in your garden first.
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As soon as the frost is no longer a threat and before it gets too hot, start with potatoes. They will do best in loose, well-drained, rich soil that is kept moist and mulched. Radishes too, but take note, they’re a fast-growing vegetable that should be planted often.

Beets and Swiss Chard seeds can go down when temperature hits around 50 degrees. Turnips can tolerate the 40’s and turnip greens sweeten a little in the crisp air, so it’s better to get them in before the summer scorches everything. Lettuce and salad greens can tolerate an occasional frost. Loose-leaf varieties come up really quickly. Cauliflower and Cabbage should actually be planted around two weeks before the final frost. Weeks later when the Spring seeds have been sown, and are beginning to show signs of a promising harvest, it will be time to start planning and seeding those summer garden favorites.

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