Panera Makes Animal Welfare Pledge for Broilers

Dan Industry News Release, Poultry

Panera announced it will be adopting practices outlined in the Global Animal Partnership’s Broiler Chicken Standard. A CNBC Dot Com article says the non-profit organization created a five-step program it says promotes effective animal livestock care. The Standard requires no cages or crowding crates be used on animal farms. It also requires outdoor access for animals, as well as pasture centered farms, which means animals are brought indoors during bad weather. The overall goal is to improve the environment of livestock on farms. Global Animal Partnership also wants no alterations to the livestock, including beak trimming, de-spurring, or toe trimming. Panera is the first chain to adopt these standards and wants more to follow them. The CEO of Panera says, “It is our hope that leadership by companies like Panera will continue to be a catalyst for animal welfare across the industry.” The company wants these standards in place by 2024.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.