More Garden Gift Ideas

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Today Cathy Isoms has even more gift ideas for the garden enthusiast on your Christmas list. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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For that friend or relative who takes great pride in his or her food garden or landscape around the home, how about some yard art or a sculpture.

“And you can go anywhere from the whimsy, you know like the garden gnomes are very popular, a lot of people love the old traditional pink flamingo, and then go up to the very sophisticated art in many different forms or media that certainly can accent a garden.”

gnome-2Gardening Expert Dennis Patton also suggests this timeless treasure.

“Wind chimes hanging out in the tree or in the back patio when the wind wrestles just makes it sound so much more complete.”

Or – the perfect gift that would attract others.

“So I think great gifts for gardeners are bird baths, bird seed, feeders, and here again they can be functional they can be decorative, also things that will help butterflies and other animals and wildlife come to the garden.”

I’m Cathy Isom…