Last Minute Gifts for the Garden

Dan General

Cathy Isom has some ideas on why the garden should come to mind when shopping for Christmas gifts. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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If you’re still figuring out last-minute gifts for Christmas, you might try thinking outside of the box, or perhaps think of the backyard garden or landscaping around the home for that person or family member on your list.

“There are so many gifting opportunities available to you that have that personal touch that can help that gardner enjoy the holidays and the spirit of giving that much more and receiving.”

giftsThat’s gardening expert, Dennis Patton, with Kansas State University Extension. He says rather than gifting the latest gadget or tool – look for things such as artwork or a sculpture to accent someone’s yard or garden.

“Also lighting. It’s great to see something lit up at night. So you’re sitting in your easy-chair or looking out the kitchen window and you’ve got the spotlight on maybe a tree with interesting bark or shape or form. And so again it’s about creating these layers of detail and these layers of interest to really bring that garden to life.”

I’m Cathy Isom …