Christmas Dogs

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Cathy Isom has a story for us today about the Idaho Christmas Tree Farmer who you might say lets his farm go to the dogs. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Each year an Idaho Christmas tree grower helps out a local charity and some homeless animals by letting his farm go to the dogs. Tom Dull says:

It all started when the south central Newfoundland Club approached Tom about a scheme to raise funds for their Newfoundland Dog Rescue Program.

And Newfoundland Dogs are great big lovable long-haired slobbery pets. So the first Sunday in December the club brings their dogs to our farm and they use them to pull trees up out of the field for tips and donations. It’s our most crowded day people come just to see the dogs work and it’s common for them to raise a good amount of money.

Not to mention bringing so many people to Tom’s farm – Plus.

The dogs enjoy it, they’re bread for that. They like to pull, they like to work, they have harnesses that they put on them. And then they pull carts or sleds.

And so by offering up his farm to help a good cause.

It’s a win for us, its a win for them, it’s a win for the dogs.

Learn more about the Newfoundland Club of America and the Newfoundland Dog Rescue Program. Also please check out their Facebook page.

Image credits: (center photos) This is Karen Rupert and her boy Benny, Melody Music with her girl Luna and Kelly Gerrits with her boy Stuart – photos by Marylou Zimmerman. Permission for use given by Newfoundland Club of America.