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wrapping paper
Cathy Isom gives us some ways to avoid buying and also avoid wasting wrapping paper. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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There are so many things to be used as a substitute for traditional wrapping paper. Not only that, when it’s all over, some of these alternatives can be cleanly burned, used for compost or recycled again.

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Newspaper. Try finding the Sunday funnies or the business section.

Or, paper Grocery bags. You could even draw some artwork on the outside, to give it that personal touch.

Reusable cloth bags, a new or older t-shirt, curtains and napkins make great gift wrap, too.

Food packaging, like old cereal boxes would be a fun trick.

Mason Jars are also a cute and fun way to give as gifts. No wrapping paper required!

Or, how about that printed paper that didn’t come out exactly perfect and was heading for the shredder, anyway.

And speaking of the shredder, if you use one, take the remains and use to stuff a gift bag, use for padding inside a gift box, or to simply for hiding what’s inside the box or bag.

And that’s a wrap!