Poinsettia Care

Dan General

Today Cathy Isom gives you some help in how to care for your Poinsettia so it thrives well past the holidays. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Poinsettia plants can stay beautiful long after the holidays. The key things to remember, as with most plants really, are temperature and water.

Place your poinsettias in a cooler room at night (55 to 60 degrees F is ideal) to extend the blooming time. Examine the soil daily and water only when it feels dry. Always water enough to soak the soil to the bottom of the pot and discard the excess water. If you want to grow your poinsettia in the garden after the holiday season, make sure to keep it healthy while indoors, by placing the plant in a sunny, draft free location and watering it when it approaches dryness.  Avoid sudden temperature changes by moving it outdoors gradually. When the leaves fall in late winter, cut the stems back to the two healthiest buds and reduce watering to the bare minimum. When all danger of frost has passed you can move the plants outdoors.