Aloe Vera

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aloe vera
Cathy Isom tells us all about the spiny looking plant that does wonders for the body. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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The aloe vera plant has been used for thousands of years to help heal a variety of health issues. It’s easy to grow at home and looks prettying any room. And its great to have on hand for simple skin emergencies – such as cuts and wounds, a sunburn, minor skin burns or itching or skin irritation. All you have to do is take a mature leaf, slice it open lengthwise, and scoop out the gel. The gel is essentially the healing part of the plant. It’s soothing and cooling when applied to skin, and can quickly heal redness and reduce inflammation and pain. Another common use for aloe vera is internally to heal the digestive tract. Its said to work wonders for constipation. Aloe is also incredibly alkaline so it may help reduce inflammation in the stomach, along with feeding good bacteria in the digestive tract thanks to its high fiber and water content.