Looking at U.S.-Cuba Agriculture Trade

Randall Weiseman Export/Import, General, Trade

Agriculture trade concept with farm field landscapeThe recent death of Fidel Castro refocuses attention on U.S.-Cuba agricultural trade reforms at a time when the incoming Trump administration may have second thoughts about reforms. American Farm Bureau Federation trade adviser Dave Salmonsen says little has changed politically in Havana with the death of the longtime Cuban dictator.

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So, the concern is little may change in the near term, including the longstanding U.S. trade embargo that has greatly limited U.S. ag sales in Cuba. Key Cuban-American lawmakers favor continuing the embargo and President-elect Donald Trump threatens to roll back Obama trade and travel reforms without human rights concessions from Cuba. Salmonsen claims Cuba could also continue to go elsewhere for its food needs.

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Salmonsen says the U.S. agriculture community will be watching political developments between the U.S. and Cuba “very closely” in the days ahead.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters News Service)