Cyber Crime

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cyber crime
Everett Griner talks about agriculture now a cyber crime target in today’s Agri View.

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Agriculture was one of the last American industries to adopt computer technology. Today it is one of the biggest users. That is because agriculture is so diverse in its composition. But now agriculture is facing the same problems that plague the rest of the computer world. Hackers. These information thieves can be anywhere. China, India, Russia, across town. And Ag related cybercrimes are on the increase. It has already been proven that computers were used to steal harvested crops in more than one state. Nuts in California, hay in Oklahoma, citrus in Florida. Hackers are after more than harvested crops. Personal information is highly coveted. And experts have warned that no computer is hack proof. All thieves need is time to breech the safety of any computer. Alright farmers, beware, you have been warned.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner