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Cathy Isom tells us about a new way to keep track of Chickens from across the country. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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If you eat chicken, you are likely one of Americans the USDA estimates will eat about 92 pounds of the popular low fat and high protein bird  this year.

infographic-terminology-v15-finalWith so many choices and variety, come questions, confusion and sometimes misperceptions.  People want to know more than just that the food they purchase is safe for them — they want to know if the chicken was raised humanely and sustainably. Now it’s possible, thanks to Social Media. The National Chicken Council recently announced as part of its Chicken Check In initiative the launch of a new blog called The Cluck. And, a new Instagram account that will feature pictures from chicken farmers from across the country showing their daily business on the farm. Chicken Check In was launched last year to help provide real answers about current issues in chicken production and give consumers as close up look into the daily lives of the birds. In addition to the new blog and Instagram page, the site contains videos, FAQs, infographics, and links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Learn more about the detailed inspection each piece of chicken you buy undergoes in this infographic about modern poultry inspection.