New World Screwworm Threat to Livestock

Dan Cattle, Livestock

Florida Livestock Industry Leaders and Partners

By Ned Waters, President, Florida Cattlemen’s Association

screwworm larvae

Screwworm Larvae

I write to you to inform you of the fact that Animal Health officials have discovered New World Screwworm in Monroe County on Big Pine Key. Attached for your review are press releases and talking points generated by The Florida Department of Agriculture and United States Department of Agriculture pertaining to this subject.

At this time the health officials feel real confident in the fact the outbreak is isolated to the Big Pine Key and was found in Key Deer.

They have already taken steps in managing this situation:

  • ordered shipment of sterile flies and traps for monitoring from the facility in Panama that maintains these populations for control
  • FDACS officials have set up an interdiction station at Mile Marker 106, this station will stop all traffic and inspect all animals to eliminate risk of the screwworm spreading.
  • monitoring and communicating with other states and all animal industries to heighten industry awareness and focus to inspect animals.


Screwworm Adult

Screwworm Adult

The Florida Cattlemen’s Association is distributing this information to assure you we are monitoring this situation and lending any assistance we can to the Animal Health officials to disseminate information and keep our membership and all our industry contacts with the facts .

Collectively we believe the situation is being managed professionally, efficiently and expediently to avoid any potential negative impact to our industry.

We request that you share the facts as stated in the press releases and talking points to make sure everyone has accurate and concise information.

Please maintain awareness and elevate your animal monitoring to help our health officials mange this outbreak to complete eradication.