Coffee Grounds for Beauty

Dan General

Coffee GroundsCathy Isom gives us tips on how those old coffee grounds can make your skin feel new again! That story’s ahead on This Land of Ours.

Download Coffee Grinds for Beauty

It seems we all drink coffee for the perks of the eye-opening caffeine and rich aroma and comforting warmth. But you might be surprised that the grounds after being run through the coffee maker can be used in several “Do it Yourself” beauty coffee groundstreatments, too. Such as an exfoliate and scrub. For example, old coffee grounds combined with coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil make a great facial exfoliate and for hair removal, it is better to know straight razor vs safety razor and which one is best that goes well after exfoliation.

Another way to reuse the coffee grinds – is to combat cellulite, get shiny and smooth hair, and even boost hair color. For those looking to enhance their hair care routine, shop for hair oil online to experience the full benefits. Additionally, soaking skin in coffee leftovers can give the appearance of a healthy glowing tan without the sun damage. The stimulating effect of caffeine can perk up dull looking skin when you use coffee grounds as a facial mask! Not only have you figured out a way to save extra money but not having to buy those beauty products at the store, but you’re recycling the otherwise wasted coffee grounds. An all-around win!