Planning a Safe Picnic

Dan General

planning picnic-2Cathy Isom has some tips on how a little bit of planning can help prevent a lot of problems with your Labor Day cookout and picnic. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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If you’re planning a holiday picnic or cookout out at a park or anywhere outside the home, USDA Food Safety Expert Marianne Gravely says its best to have plenty of water and wipes for washing hands. If you’re grilling out there be sure and pack the meat thermometer.

picnic-7“So that you can be sure that you have cooked the meat thoroughly.”

Also know or make a list of the temperatures needed to kill any bacteria that might be on the meat or poultry. When transporting raw meat or poultry in a cooler keep that stuff separate from foods that will not be totally cooked.

“Wrap any raw meat or poultry you have well then put that at the bottom of the cooler possibly with another layer of separation like foil. Then put the other products on top of them. Your salads, condiments.”

That way juices from the meat or poultry won’t leak down to those other foods. If there is bacteria in the meat or poultry, and it gets on to those foods that won’t be cooked, you could have a problem.