Glades Lives Matter Opposes Negron Land Buying Plan

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From Glades Lives Matter:

Glades Lives Matter

Glades Lives Matter

Wednesday, Hendry County Commissioner Janet Taylor led 50 residents from the Glades community to Senator Joe Negron’s, Martin County office. The group drove over an hour and a half to the incoming president’s office to let him know that they were sick and tired of elected officials playing politics with their livelihoods.

glades-lives-matter-2During the protest, residents proudly wore their “#OurLivesMatterToo” shirts as they held up signs stating, “#GladesLivesMatter” and “Store the water North.” Many of the residents of Martin County showed support for the Glades lives matter group by stopping to talk to them, as well as honking and waving in support of the protesters.

It’s unfortunate that Senator Negron didn’t see fit to talk to Glades elected officials or glades residents before proposing his wasteful multi-BILLION dollar plan to buy land south of Lake Okeechobee where the state already owns thousands of acres of unused land. The senator’s plan neglects to address the need to fix the coastal septic tank issues. He doesn’t discuss the need to fix the Herbert Hoover Dike, he isn’t honest about what the true cost of buying more land will be, and he most definitely doesn’t show compassion and take into account the devastating impact that buying more land would have on the Glades economy.

Glades residents want nothing more than to solve this very real water crisis, but they will not stand by and let Senator Joe Negron push through a huge wasteful plan that isn’t a real viable solution.

Our economy is already struggling, why would the incoming senate president choose to move forward with a plan that would result in higher unemployment rates and destroy working families?

We demand that Senator Joe Negron treats Glades residents with the same consideration that he treats special interest groups.