Beekeeping 101

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beekeepingEverett Griner talks about beekeeping now being taught by professionals in today’s Agri View.

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There has been a lot of interest in honeybees in the past few years. Mostly because of disease and problems that threaten the future of this indispensable little creature. But some serious beekeepers are now teaching the culture to others who are interested. To the average person, a hive, some bees and maybe a few blossoms is all that is necessary. Well the group who is teaching it knows that kind of knowledge will get you nothing. They teach people to learn about the tools, the equipment it requires, how bees reach and what you have to know to properly maintain a hive. It takes time. Several weeks. Loading, removing them. Moving from one place to another without harming them. In a sentence, if you think it is simple, stay out of it. Learn before you try. It is the only way to be successful.

That’s Agri View for today, I’m Everett Griner.

From: The Old Farmers Almanac

Beekeeping 101

Would you like to raise honeybees in your backyard? Here is our free Beekeeping 101 series—a beginner’s guide in 7 chapters. We’ll talk about how to get started raising bees, the clothing and equipment needed, building a hive, collecting honey, and common bee diseases. After this “taste” of honeymaking, you can decide if you’re ready to enter the world of beekeeping!

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Honey Bees and Beekeeping 1.1: A Year in the Life of an Apiary

Presented with permission of the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education. Learn more about honeybees and beekeeping here.