Florida Landowners Reminded of Cogongrass Cost-Share Program

Randall Weiseman Ag "Outdoors", Florida, Forestry, General

fl-forest-service-logoFlorida landowners are reminded applications are still being accepted for the Cogongrass Treatment Cost-Share Program. The Florida Forest Service is taking applications from those interested in this program until July 29, 2016.

Cogongrass infestations negatively affect tree regeneration, growth and survival, as well as wildlife habitat, native plant diversity, forage quality and property values. They also increase the risk of wildfires and alter fire behavior.

State Forester Jim Karels said “Left untreated, invasive cogongrass can spread quickly, causing long-term problems,” He said “In addition to reducing the productivity and value of forests and rangelands, it can greatly increase the risk and severity of wildfire.”

The Cogongrass Treatment Cost-Share Program, which is supported through a grant from the USDA Forest Service, is offered for non-industrial private lands in all Florida counties. It provides reimbursement of 50 percent of the cost to treat cogongrass infestations with herbicide for two consecutive years.

To obtain an application form or to learn more about program requirements, contact a local Florida Forest Service county forester or visit the Cogongrass Treatment Cost-Share Program webpage. All qualifying applications will be evaluated and ranked for approval.

To learn more about Florida Forest Service programs, visit FloridaForestService.com.