GMO Labeling Debate Continues as Deadline Nears

Randall Weiseman General

Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law is set to take effect on July 1, leaving the U.S. Congress only a few working days to get a bill through the House and Senate.

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts and ranking member Debbie Stabenow are still trying to find common ground on GMO labeling legislation. Roberts said progress was made last week, but several issues remain unresolved, according to Politico. One remaining argument, according to those familiar with the ongoing negotiations, is over what to do about processed foods that contain both meat and genetically modified crops like corn, soybeans and sugar from sugar beets. Foods in that category include products like pepperoni pizza.

The livestock industry is pushing for such items to be exempt from labeling requirements, based on what appears to be an agreement that meat and dairy products from animals fed GMOs should be exempt.